Mercer All Metals Cut-Off & Grinding Wheels

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The Mercer All Metals cut-off and grinding wheels (formerly, Stainless,) are designed for superior performance without breaking the bank. They feature a specially formulated grain for use on ferrous metals including stainless steel. Use them with multiple machines such as angle grinders, chop saws, and portable gas saws. Cut and grind without vibrations or burrs. Mercer provides professional products for your most demanding jobs.

See our extensive line of (Heat-Treated Aluminum Oxide Cutting & Grinding Wheels) For ferrous metals including stainless steel:

Type 27 Black Lightning High Speed Thin Cut-Off Wheels
Low Horsepower Chop Saw Wheels – Double Reinforced
Stationary Cut-Off Saw Wheels-Double Reinforced
High Speed Portable Gas Saw Wheels
Type 27 Depressed Center Grinding Wheels – Single Grit
Type 27 Depressed Center Pipe Cutting & Light Grinding Wheels – Single Grit

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