Edger Paper Layers

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Why can’t I put several pieces of sandpaper on my edger at once? It saves a lot of time and hassle.

Brett Miller, director of certification and education at the National Wood Flooring Association, answers:

Many people like to place several pieces of paper on their edger at once to save time. Instead of taking time to change paper, they just rip off a dull piece and have a fresh one ready to go. But manufacturers recommend putting on only one piece at a time. Why? There are several reasons. Edgers have been carefully designed by the manufacturer to consider the correct pitch of how the paper cuts into the floor, as well as to allow the edger pad to stay cool. Multiple layers cause heat buildup in the edger pad, and when the pad gets hot, it can warp or lose its intended shape. That results in excessive scratches/swirls. Once your edger pad is warped, the only fix is to buy a new one.

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